Data Center Management

We provide Data Center management solutions for businesses which caters efficient, flexible and cost effective solutions, which can be easily integrated into their delivery models and focus on their core businesses. Our expertise will help you providing a tailored outsourcing solution to meet your needs. Data centre outsourcing services helps you providing a cost-effective solution to help meeting business demands, sustain growth and help protect your existing technology investments.

We provide end-to-end management of computing environment to enable a secure and stable environment.

1. Server Management
2. Storage Management
3. Network Management
4. Security Management
5. Virtualization

Server Management

Our team of certified IT consultants can manage the daily operations of your servers, helping the servers run efficiently and keep businesses current with current technology and best practices and reduces cost by enabling business growth. With our server management services we give you increased level of server availability, improved data protection and a simpler environment.

Here are following server management services offerings:

OS/ Application hardening and patching
Resource utilization and performance monitoring
User management
Managed Antivirus Solution

Storage Management

We understand the cost involved to run your mission critical application and thus value the data generated from these applications. We provide security controls, policies, and procedures examined, measured, and validated against a stringent set of information security standards. Our storage services help you respond and examine the explosive data growth through simple, scalable, and affordable data storage so you can unify storage with your overall IT management for lower cost of ownership.

Here are following storage management services offerings:

1. Online & Offline Storage
2. Online & Offline Backups
3. Media Storage Solutions
4. End Point Security
5. Media Disposal Solutions

Network Management

We provide end-to-end network services across diverse environment consisting of multiple vendors; devices and service providers and we map out a solution to ensure that you have a secure local and remote networking services and support.

Here are following network services offerings:

1. LAN, WAN & WLAN management
2. Unified communications
3. Contact centre management
4. Network operations management

Security Management

Security management Security Services focus on enterprise-wide visibility and management of an organization's infrastructure security in order to maintain controls, identify weaknesses and help ensure proper compliance and reporting. We help you at every level of your security services need by identifying key threats and business risks, outlining and creating customized security policies, articulating business goals which will balance strategic and enterprise needs.


Virtualization has become a critical factor for functioning effectively as a modern business, regardless of which industry a company is in. Virtualization allows companies to dynamically allocate resources to any operating system or application, based on current needs, Also it gives the redundancy and optimum capacity utilization, and helps to minimize expenditures for physical assets. We provide services to help businesses move to a virtualized environment. This includes analyzing a client's current IT infrastructure, designing the transformation to a virtualized environment, and providing the new virtualized environment.